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Thank you for coming to my portfolio! I have provided you with artifacts and reflections from my practice and education that I hope will provide insight into my beliefs and actions as an educator and leader. My time at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the Educational Leadership Policy and Analysis Program has been transformational and I am excited to use my passion and skills to help improve the experiences of children in our schools. My portfolio is organized in these domains:

  • Philosophy of Educational Leadership: Philosophy, Curriculum Vitae, References, Licenses and Leadership Contributions

  • Focus on Learning: In your position as a school leader, how would you assess and improve equity in student learning, including students who traditionally struggle and students with disabilities?

  • Monitoring Teaching and Learning:  In what ways would you use formative and summative assessments to identify teachers' individual and collective needs and build teacher capacity for teaching and learning?

  • Building Nested Learning Communities:  In what ways would you work to build and support nested learning communities to provide a mechanism for continuous improvement of teaching and learning?

  • Acquiring and Allocating Resources:  How would you acquire and align human physical and financial resources and opportunities to meet the organization's goals, needs, and priorities?

  • Ensuring a Safe and Effective Learning Environment:  In what ways would you manage the organization to ensure a safe and effective learning environment for every child?

Again, thank your for visiting my portfolio. I look forward to following up on anything you would like to discuss further.

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