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MP3 JuiceLinks to an external site. is not the only website you can use to download songs and music as an MP3 file. There are many other websites that can also help you to do so. Downloading your favorite songs is a great idea to listen to them when you have no internet connection. This way, you can still listen to your favorite songs while doing your activities though the internet connection is poor. If you are looking for recommended websites to download songs as MP3, here are some recommendations.

MP3 Juice

The first recommended site to download songs is https://mp3juice.telLinks to an external site. (MP3Juices). It is ranked in the first place because it has the most complete, most updated song collections. This music platform can be your choice if you prefer to download songs from your PC or smartphone without using any apps. It also allows you to download songs from YouTube as well. In order to MP3 Juice download YouTube to MP3Links to an external site., you have to know the URL of the song you want to download.

Here are the steps to download songs from YouTube by using MP3 Juice.

·         Open YouTube

In order to download songs from YouTube, make sure you know the URL of the song. You can get it by going to YouTube first. Then, search for the song you want to download and copy the URL.

·         Paste the URL in the Search Column

The next step is to paste the URL of the song you have copied to the white, column search on MP3 Juice. After that, press Enter. The song you are going to download will appear on the screen. If you want to make sure that the song is already right, you can press Play to listen to it first before downloading it.

·         Click Download and Save

Once you already make sure that the song is right, you just need to download it by clicking download. Later, it will be automatically saved as an MP3 in your device. It does not take a lot of time to download songs.

Or you can also directly download the song on the website. Below are the steps to download songs on MP3Juice.

·         Go to the MP3 Juice Website

First, you need to go to the website of MP3Juice. Access the website via a PC or smartphone and you can start to look for the songs you want to download.

·         Search for the Song Title or Singer

Then, type the title of the song or the singer. You can enter both or just one, either the title or the singer. After that, you will see some songs with the same title from different sources. You can click the Play button first to make sure you will download the right song.

·         Download the Song

Before downloading the song, pay attention to the source and the size of the song. Your internet connection and the size of the song will affect the downloading speed. The bigger the song size, the longer it takes to download. Once you have chosen the size of the song, click the Download button to start the download process.

Pure Volume

Pure Volume has a wide variety of song collections from all around the world. Here, you can find and download songs from South Korea or K-pop, India, England, and so on. It is easy to access this website. It is user-friendly as well with a simple interface so that you will not get confused when using it. Moreover, all the song collections can be played online and downloaded for free. And it can be ensured that all of them are legal to download.

You can look for your favorite songs on this website and stream them. You can also download and share the songs to your social media for free. It is a great music platform if you are a music lover.

MP3 Skulls

This website is already very popular among music lovers, especially among those who love to hunt for free songs on the internet. You probably have already heard it. MP3 Skulls is already famous for providing a bunch of songs to download. The songs available on this platform come from various genres. MP3 Skulls is also well-known to frequently update its song collections so that you can easily find the newest songs on this website.

MP3 Skulls has a simple navigation and user-interface so that it is really easy to use. You can opt for downloading songs in 2 different file formats, which are MP3 and MP4. So, you can choose one according to your preference.

Free Music Archive

The next recommended website to download songs online for free is Free Music Archive or FMA. As the name implies, there are so many song archives on this website that you can access for free. The interface is simple so that anyone can easily access it. Free Music Archive allows users to play and listen to songs, then download them for free. Besides popular songs, this music platform also provides attractive sounds that you can download and use as a background song for videos.

So, it is not surprising that Free Music Archive is also popular among content creators and YouTubers. On this website, content creators can find fun sounds to be inserted in their videos.


Jamendo is also a popular website to download songs online. This website has a unique yet user-friendly interface. It offers a bunch of songs that you can access legally. You can also stream your favorite songs online on this website before deciding to download them for free. Jamendo has an endless collection of songs and they are always updated. You will likely find any songs you want to download here. There are hundreds of thousand tracks available on this website and they are divided into several kinds of genre.

Besides its convenient user interface, the downloading process on Jamendo is easy as well. Find and download any songs on this website to listen to them offline.

Those are recommended websites to download songs online, including MP3 JuiceLinks to an external site..

List of Best Mp3Juice Website:

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