Instructions to Make Your Assignments longer, The Right Way!

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Shortage of words? We all have been there. When you have done all the research, collected facts, drafted your assignment, included the best arguments and yet your assignment is not reaching the desired word count. Many students would think that there’s nothing that can be done to increase the word count and would submit the assignment. But please do not make such a mistake as the word count that has been assigned to you is for a reason.


Why word count matters?

  • First of all, meeting the word count requirements shows that you can follow the instructions for the assignment
  • Meeting the word count shows that you have done enough research and have included enough arguments in the assignment
  • Word count suggests the extent of detailing required in your assignment. For instance, an essay requires less amount of research than a research paper. This is why an essay would end up in just 1000 words while a research paper would require up to 10000 words or more
  • Meeting the word count shows your critical skills because you might have selected the best arguments, examples and explanations for your assignment

How can you make your assignments longer?

#1 Find ‘unclear’ elements of your assignment

Proofread your assignment on your own or ask someone to do it for you. Highlight all the elements in your assignment that are unclear, complex or need more explanation. Then, start refining those elements by adding proper explanations, claims and examples. The main aim here is to get into your reader’s shoes and experience how would they feel while reading your assignment. Will they be able to understand everything clearly or not. The better you will proofread your work, the easier it would be to increase the word count.

#2 Have you included everything you were supposed to?

Before creating the final draft of your assignment, you must create a list of all the headings or main points that you want to include in your assignment. Then, keep the structure in mind while writing your assignment. Once you are done, check whether you have included all the points or not. Sometimes, students miss a complete section which is why they are unable to meed the word count.

#3 Try using Quotations

A quotation is a phrase from a book, research paper or speech that someone repeats because it is useful to them. Quotations can enhance your argument and at the same time, they can increase the word count of your paper. So while you edit and proofread your paper, make sure to look for places where you might have missed putting a relevant quotation. You must also use a plagiarism checker to determine whether the quotations are referenced correctly or not. One thing to keep here in mind is to not overdo this trick. Do not add quotations unnecessarily as it will disrupt the flow of your assignment.

#4 Let transitional phrases do the magic!

Many times we have a habit of writing straightforwardly. Consider this example, “All the facts related to the theory of human psychology are presented. The result is clear.” These sentences can be written with transition phrase as:

“All the facts related to the theory of human psychology are presented, as can be seen, the result is clear.”

Other examples of transitional phrases are because, therefore, nonetheless, nevertheless, concluding that, with this in mind, under the circumstances et cetera.

Denver, who works as an assignment writer at MyAssignmentAssistance says, “this trick not only increases the word count but also makes your writing much professional. So you must check your assignment for sentences that are connected. Then use a transition phrase to increase the number of words in your assignment. But, just like quotations, do not overdo this technique.”

#5 No rush, take a break!

Unable to find the right words? It can sometimes become difficult for a student to find the right words to explain a concept. You may call it writer’s block. Kenny, an assignment help expert says, “if you are going through the same situation while writing your assignment, simply take a break. Keep yourself away from your assignment for some time. You may go out for a walk, have a snack, take a nap, do some exercise, read a novel or listen to music.” Do whatever you want that rejuvenates your mind and makes you feel refreshed. You might come up with new ideas then or come back with a better perspective on your assignment.

Wrapping up

Hitting the minimum word count for your assignment could be a tough task. But, you can use these smart tricks to make your assignment writing much easier and increasing the word count. Jennifer, who offers assignment help Sydney says that many students increase the font size or line space and think that they will be able to overcome the problem of less word count which is vague. One should always use legitimate ways to enhance the word count so that it does not affect the quality of the assignment.

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