How Can University Students Productively Enjoy Their Downtime?

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The term online pokies is not likely to be familiar with students from the Untied States. Pokies is a colloquial expression that refers to slots games in New Zealand. Sites such as JackpotCity offer a plethora of branded options in synergy with lucrative welcome bonuses, outstanding levels of customer service, and secure payment platforms. So, it only stands to reason that New Zealand students enjoy these digital distractions on occasion.

While New Zealand may be located thousands of miles away from the mainland United States, university students share a number of metrics in common. They are often forced to deal with challenging schedules, they may be employed on a part-time basis and (naturally) they need to decompress from time to time. What are some of the best ways to enjoy a modicum of relaxation on occasion?

Building Out Your Schedule to Stay Productive Whilst Studying | Nido Student

Online Gaming Platforms

We referred to online slots in the previous section and these are only one of the numerous options which can be chosen by students. Of course, we are all aware that virtual games are a great deal of fun. However, it is also interesting to note that some platforms will require a fair amount of strategic and critical thinking. These very same traits can be translated into other areas of life; providing students with a mental edge when they are forced to make snap decisions while under pressure (such as during exams).

Hitting the Local Gym

Productivity does not necessarily have to enjoy mental athletics. On the contrary, there are many times when physical exercise can produce surprising results. Here are a handful of benefits directly attributed to physical activity:

  • You will reduce levels of perceived emotional stress.
  • Exercises can promote a quality night of sleep.
  • Feel-good hormones such as epinephrine and serotonin will be secreted; resulting in a natural "high".

Of course, let's not fail to mention that regular exercise is an great way to stay in shape throughout the year.

Social Media Networking

Most university students are rightfully concerned about their professional future. So, why not invest a bit of your downtime into developing long-term contacts? Although well-known portals such as Facebook and Instagram can be useful, other sites are particularly designed to help you encounter like-minded individuals within your field. LinkedIn, TEd-Ed and Skooville are worthwhile alternatives to consider. Nurturing such contacts at an early stage will help to provide you with an extra level of flexibility when you eventually enter into the job market following graduation.

It is a well-known fact that university students are under more pressure than ever before. This is why finding a constructive outlet for these emotions is essential if you hope to make the most out of what a formal education has to offer. All of the suggestions mentioned above should be examined in greater detail. Whether you are a fan of online gaming or you instead wish to meet valuable future contacts, the only real limits are defined by your imagination.


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