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My Back Pain Coach is an effective exercise program commenced by Ian Hart. It helps people with back pain to get rid of it, preventing it from coming back. 

It focuses on bringing vertebral column back to normal. This program operates on cervical, thoracic and lumber pain and targets on the factors that trigger inconvenience. Although there are many ways for treating back pain like medications and surgery, physical therapy like My Back Pain Coach is the most helpful method and is fully recommended. It heals the sufferer from the root by giving proper treatment to the muscles and the spine. Researchers have made it easy for us to understand our body mechanics and in this way we can overtake the pain.

These exercises are easy to do and some people might do it without assistance. One can manage their activities and have control over it by learning the proper way of using his or her back bones. Also, if the exercises are done effectively, the pain may never return. My Back Pain Coach Program is an extensive physical therapy program which can sort out your back pain problem.

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About My Back Pain Coach Program :

This is a far-reaching coaching program which helps people in distress by treating back pain and restoring the old and painless back. It alleviates tension from the muscles that are in pain like Latissimus Dorsi, Trapezius, and Levator Scapulae which are present at the back. These muscles are often in improper positions or unable to intake nutrients. But this program aids in curing all the problems.

It is does not provide with heap of medicines as it is an exercise based method as it is natural and helpful. My Back Pain Coach program has a strong approach as it not only heals people through physical aspects but also through mental aspects. Thousands of people give reviews regarding this program about how affective it is. They have seen their lives completely transformed after using this method. It eliminates the upper and lower back pains in just few days. 

Does It Really Works ?


Ian Hart’s program is the best one known so far. After hard work and effort in the field of research, he has developed a painless, hustle-free and low on budget package. He provides us some advantageous videos and exercises which are easy to execute. 

The back pain which causes so much discomfort gets targeted and soon the muscles come to ease. These exercises work on the back and after some stretching and pulling, one can have perfect backs. 

Before this remedy, the muscles were in tension and were not having adequate nutrients. Therefore, undertaking these proper exercises can fix the discomfort.

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What Type Of Exercise Are In My Back Pain Coach Program ? 

The author has shared us eight body movements which are beneficial for the back muscles. The steps are very clear and easy and are shown in the presentation by the author, Ian Hart himself. 


Here are some step by step procedures of the program:

  • The first exercise program stimulates the muscles which are to be recovered. Through this, the muscles get relaxed resulting in relief.
  • The second and third steps release the tension in the muscles in pain. These steps eliminate old tissues and blood.
  • The fourth step is also a stretching exercise. This allows new blood to flow. The muscles get sufficient oxygen and nutrients and these give new life to the tissues. Muscles now get relaxed.
  • The fifth step demands more fresh air. The stretching of the person is accompanied by some deep breathes so that he or she can have sufficient oxygen. The exercise urges long breathes. Muscles start to regain balance.
  • The sixth step gives the spine proper posture. Now it is in the original position and the pain reduces.
  • The seventh and eighth steps help in painless future. 

These steps direct you adapt those positions which are painless and healthy for your body. Through this you can also maintain your internal organs.

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What Does The Package Include?

  • Nine training videos:

Each video runs for about 30 minutes. The author shares step-by-step procedure. He shares how to use the program. He specifies us with the exercises and basis of the coaching lessons. He also shares Do’s and Don’ts in these videos to get the best results.

  • 8 movement exercises:

The author has performed the exercises to execute. He also has shared a printable diagrammatic representation of the exercises so that patient can have them in his hands.

  • People can also reach to the author. The program has also shared us the ways to communicate with the author.

Why should I buy this package?

This is a highly expected question. The videos are of high quality and are neatly presented. The package includes eight exercises and nine training videos. The author has presented it by himself which are easy to follow. The techniques are applicable. Also, they are scientifically proven.

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Are There Any Cons of This Program?

According to few reviews of this program, there are some. Although they are few but one should know about them. Patients are provided with very less written instructions. If one wants to have a manual in hand, he or she can only have of the exercises. Otherwise there aren’t any. They also provide you with very less bonuses and free videos.

Contact Details of My Back Pain Coach Program :

You can contact them via email: and they’ll get back to you typically within 1 business day.

Their office is located here:

My Back Pain Coach
1001 Lexington Ave, Ste 800
Rochester, NY 14606


The program is worth trying if one is stuck with back pain. It is an effective way to reduce your suffering. So if someone is stressing about pain in the back, he should quickly get this program. Avail it now!

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