5 Of The Best Crossfit Jump Ropes

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No matter what physical ability you see yourself at, having the perfect jump rope will make all of the difference while working out.

Many athletes view a jump ropes essential when doing exercises. Having jump ropes available from anywhere will allow you to reach your goals. It does not have to be a chore to find the perfect jump rope. Sure, there are many different types, but we’re sure you’ll find out whats the best crosfit jump rope among the five that we have listed below.

  1. The EliteSRS Elite Surge 2.0

With the Elite Surge 2.0 from EliterSRS you get a jump rope that is designed specifically for performing Double Unders. The handles of the Elite Surge are 1 oz. each and are comprised of strong aluminum that is able to achieve more than 400 jumps per minute.

Its grip handles consist of foam that aids the user with swing control. The rope has an easy to use system that allows the cables to be replaced or having a completely unique training session.

The cable length measures 10 feet on the Elite Surge 2.0 and with the help of a simple screwdriver, you are able to remove the collar to change out the rope for another. Extra jump rope can be obtained at an additional cost.

Being able to exchange the rope gives a user a diverse routine while using a jump rope that is loaded with durability. 

The Elite Surge 2.0 is the perfect tool for any type of CrossFit routine, boxing, or jumping for speed. The rope also provides a high amount of comfort as you jump. 


  • Available replacement ropes
  • Handles are light
  • Adjustability


  • Compact grip
  • Hard to find bearings
  1. Bullet COMP

EliteSRS’s Bullet COMP is the perfect rope for those who like to make efficient quick jumps. It includes handles that are five and a half inches and aluminum. The grips in the handles also have stubs that make a superior hold.

The Bullet COMP consists of rope that is ten feet in length and nylon covers the length of the rope leading to the handles. As opposed to the many jump ropes available, the Bullet COMP requires no tools in order for the rope to be changed out.

Having twin bearings is able to decrease the amount of friction so jumpers can increase the amount of jumps throughout their routine. This jump rope is often used in crossfit competitions.


  • Easy adjustability
  • Rust-free bearings
  • Durable handles
  • Provides faster swings


  • Handles are compact
  • Need tools
  • Difficult to grip when wet
  1. Speed Rope 3.0 by RPM

The Speed Rope 3.0 by RPM provides the user with a jump rope that gives a great workout to all users. Handles are five and a half inches and each weight a little over one ounce. Consisting of aluminum, the handles are also built to last.

Consisting of a system made up of a dual-axis capability, the rope is able to swing with no restriction on the ends.

Consisting of friction-free capability, the user is able to transfer energy in an efficient manner towards the rope. With a clear layer on the rope, the user is allowed to jump on any surface type including abrasive.

The Speed Rope 3.0 is specifically for speed and allows the user to reach hundreds of swings throughout their workout session. Not only that, but this rope is also perfect for use in many other environments

With a clear coat you’ll be assured that your rope will remain protected as it’s used on rough surfaces. Plus the rope is able to be adjusted to a personal length so that each jump remains smooth.


  • Option for protective coating availble 
  • Durability
  • Handles can be engraved


  • Can be costly
  • May not be heavy enough for some users
  • Injury may result from extensive use
  1. The UltraLight 2.0

With your UltraLight 2.0 jump rope you get a rope that is able to provide the best speed available and feels light as a feather as you get the best workout possible. Each handle also weights less than an ounce. Plus, the rope consists of polymer that replaces metal.

The UltraLight 2.0 jump rope permits the rope to be changed out or have the rope adjusted as it remains very light. The length of the rope is ten feet, and is adjustable for the user’s height.

The rope includes nylon coating and is able to resist kinking. The UltraLight 2.0 includes a handle warranty that is good for two years.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned jump roper, you are sure to get your money’s worth as you work out with the UltraLight 2.0. With a lightweight construction, you will experience very little fatigue as you hold the handles. This lightweight feeling will also allow you to jump for longer periods of time.


  • Light as a feather
  • Warranty included
  • Cost-effective
  • Designed for beginner and seasoned jumpers


  • Can sound noisy
  • Can feel slow
  1. Rogue Fitness SR-1 Bearing Speed Rope

The SR-1 jump rope was created using handles that can rotate six inches so that the grip remains firm and balanced. With ball bearings that have precision, they are able to permit the moving of fluid so that more swings are generated.

The SR-1 contains tapered handles that allow the rope to be used in a sleeker way. The SR-1 includes a length of ten feet as well as having nylon coating the outside.

With a nylon resin handle, it is filled with glass so that a firm grip can be obtained. The handle of the SR-1 rope is also longer than the SR-1S rope. Material used is designed to be durable in nature and supply’s the jumper with more swings.

The handles are interchangeable between similar SR-1 jump ropes and can be fitted as it still provides everything that you would expect. The SR-1 jump rope is available in various lengths and is also adjustable for all heights so a tall user will have no problem using the rope.


  • Free-movement of bearings
  • Grip is improved
  • Adjustable for all heights


  • Bearings won’t last
  • Not multi-surface capable
  • May be unable to find replacement parts

As you can see, finding out whats the best crosfit jump rope is not an easy task when more than one great option exists. The best way to determine your choice will be to decide how or if your routine will need to change as you begin your workouts. 

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